Safely Co-Exist with Technology

With the amount of radiaiton produced by every "Smart Device" in the world, our health and most importantly our planet are in extreme danger. Our EMF protection will naturally reduce the amount of radiation allowing us to safely live among the rapidly growing industry of "Smart Technology" and save our planet from radiation pollution.

Lower Your "Smart Devices" Radiation

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF Radiation = Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation. 

These radiations are produced by any device that use Wifi or Bluetooth connection. These devices do not only use wifi once every few hours, they are constantly connecting to wifi every second even if you are not using them. This means they are constantly producing radiation at an alarming rate ALL THE TIME.

*(Wifi and Bluetooth use the same frequency as microwaves)

What you don't know is, the standard safe amount of radiation produced by a "smart phone" is a 6 minute phone call once per month.

NOBODY uses their phone ONCE A MONTH!

So the only time cell phones produce a "safe" amount of radiation is when they do not exceed a 6 minute phone call monthly. What if you take a 6 minute phone call everyday?

We at (EMF Radiation Protection) have EMF shields that will significantly reduce the amount of radiation being produced by using natural radiation shielding minerals.


Below is Dr Devra Davis explaning everything you need to know about EMF radiations and the harm it causes us. Dr Davis also states the US government did not allow her to run tests on cell phone radiation and the potential health risks that may come from long term exposure. Why would the US not want this information out? Because technology is one of the leading industries here in America. 

How do I protect myself from these radiations?

We have a wide variety of natural radiation reducing devices that will help protect you and your family from “Smart Tech” radiation exposure. We have wearable protection for 24/7 radiation shielding, protection you can place in your home, office or on smart devices like phones and tablets. Love jewelry? We also have jewelry made of natural EMF radiation protection stones. If you are pregnant, you can also find shielding for your abdomen in “Clothing Protection”. Find the protection that best suits your needs below. 

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Don't forget! EMFs are made from smart devices like cellphones and tablets, WiFi routers and smart appliances in your home, Bluetooth Headphones and smart Watches. ven the dozens of WiFi towers in your neighborhood.

It’s not just radiation, it’s our water systems too!

Our water systems are filled with unnatural and toxic chemicals including Chlorine, Chloroform, Fluoride and many others. We have the world best natural water filters for both sinks and showers. Clean with clean water.

Natural Radiation Reducing Minerals

All of our products are made with THE BEST natural minerals to combat against EMF radiation.

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I was very skeptical about cell phones and smart technology giving off harmful radiation but after watching the video on your website I am a true believer. After the Dr Davis explained everything and showed her tests, it made complete sense why these devices are harmful. I purchased a few home protecting products and can already tell the difference in my energy and my overall mindset. Not to mention, I have not had any migraines since the radiation shields arrived. Thank you so much! I really hope everyone learns about EMF radiation and gets protection in the near. 

I work in a office surrounded by technology 6 days a week for the past 6 years. For about a year now I have been feeling my hands starting to be affected by these radiations. I type on a laptop all day so I needed something for my hands.  I contacted the customer service and they told me they were getting gloves in stock soon. About 4 days later I received a link from this website which brought me to the Silver Shielding EMF Radiation Protecting Gloves! And they are a very reasonably priced compared to the other EMF radiation protection products that are out there. I received the gloves about two weeks after ordering and have worn them during work since. They work great! Thank you 

I have been somewhat a believer of cell phones and wifi tech causing cancer and the fact Dr Davis brought up the first couple cases of cancer caused by extreme EMF Radiation exposure completely made me a firm believer. Immediatly after watching I thought about my family. I have 3 kids, all young adults and they each have a phone and a laptop. I ordered the 6 Piece EMF Shields and put them on my kids devices. They didn't mind because apparently they knew cell phones produced radiation. I was shocked they didn't tell me! I've ordered several other products like the Orgone EMF Shielding Black Tourmaline, the Military Grade Shielding Cloth (which I put over my WiFi and laptop at night before bed) and the 100% Radiation Shielding Phone cases for my kids and I (we put our phones in them each night). Thank you very much this site is reliable and very inexpensive compared to other sites. Five Stars!