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EMF Radiation Shielding Jump Suit Men + Women Sizes

$199.99 $223.34 saving $23.35
EMF Radiation Shielding Jump Suit Men + Women Sizes

EMF Radiation Shielding Jump Suit Men + Women Sizes

$199.99 $223.34 saving $23.35

This Jumpsuit contains a layer of strong Silver Shielding Fiber that will block radiations coming from electronic devices such as "Smart Technology"

In case of emergency, wear this protective jumpsuit to be protected by radiation exposure.

The main radiation protection component of clothing:
Metal fiber
Frequency range and shielding effectiveness:
Frequency range: 0.01MHz-3000MHz   
Shielding effectiveness: 30.4dB-38.4dB
Fabric analysis:
The outer layer of metal fiber for this radiation protection suit has been in the market for a long time. The product technology is mature. The stainless steel fiber with ion precision quenching technology is blended with cotton fiber and polyester fiber. It is resistant to washing, good air permeability and good radiation protection effect.
Anti-electromagnetic wave clothing shielding principle:
The fabric used in the radiation protection suit contains a dense metal mesh. The metal mesh forms a safety shield covering the whole body, which can effectively block the electromagnetic wave radiation generated by the electrical appliances and Avoid radiation damage to the human body.
Applicable to the crowd:
An electromagnetic radiation protective work wear suitable for the people long-term working or living in the region of the electromagnetic wave frequency higher.
Electromagnetic radiation protective work wear can protect against computer radiation, WIFI radiation, monitoring and radiation, protection against the radiation of the base station, radiation of the laboratory and other kinds of radiation. It is the ideal protective products for the army, banking, communications, electricity, schools, media, scientific research and other industries.
The maintenance method of metal fiber:
Metal fiber are resilient, if just fold will not damage, but the overlying will have certain damage, fatigue of the metal, resulting in metal structure damage, if don't wear metal fiber clothes hanging up best.
1. Can be directly washed, ordinary neutral detergent and detergent can be;
2. Hand wash, can be brushed with soft brush, avoid rubbing and machine washing;
3. After washing, you can't wring it, remove it directly from the water, and keep it cool;
4. You can't bleach your clothes with bleach, or wash your clothes with a detergent that contains bleach;
5. If the clothes appear pleated, the medium temperature irons, the temperature is not more than 110 degrees Celsius;
6. It is recommended not wash as much as possible in case of improper washing.


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