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2 Pocket Radiation Safe Pouch

2 Pocket Radiation Safe Pouch

2 Pocket Radiation Safe Pouch


Radiation Shield Pouch 2 pockets Front for shielding one half of the device and still receive phone calls the main pouch will shield 100% of the radiations coming from anything you put inside. 

Put anything that produces radiation into this pouch when not in use. 
This pouch contains two pockets. The front pocket shields only the backside and the inside cause blocks 100% radiations. 
Put your phone in the outside case and put it facing out inside of your pocket to still receive phone calls but still block the radiation from going inside your body. 
Putting anything inside the case will block all signals and radiations. 
If you jog with your phone on your arm, put your phone inside of the pouch and put the pouch inside your arm strap for jogging safely with no radiation going inside of you!


  • Outside pocket allows your phone to have a signal while blocking radiation from one side of the pouch
  • Inside pocket blocks all signal and shields 100% of radiations
  • Placing your phone in the outside pocket and putting the pouch with the outside pocket facing away from you inside your pocket or your arm patch for jogging will block the radiations from going into your body and allowing phone calls

NOTICE* Shipping will be charged per pouch

Features: Radiation Shielding
Type: Pouch
Size: 20*11cm